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LBP save data from one ps3 to another ps3?

I was wondering is it true that if you took a save file of LBP from another ps3 and transferred/copy the same file to another ps3. The game file will not load because it was used/initially created on another account? Also, I heard that you have to create the same account name on the receiving ps3 for it to play the copied file? I have heard this from many forums that you have to have the same account name as the ps3 you took the save data from to play it. Or else everything will be corrupted and you cannot load teh game

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JKiii answered:

All of that is a big fat NO! least for LBP

You can transfer save files by USB to other PS3s.

All save games you transfer to another PS3 will disable trophies for that game on that PS3.

Some games (Like Rag Doll Kung Fu or Street Fighter 4) have restrictions on save game transferring. Like for Rag Doll Kung Fu it will only work if you use the same PSN account it was created from. While Street Fighter 4 doesn't allow you to transfer save files at all.
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ddizzle_9 answered:

If you have a memory stick you can copy the data to it and put it on another ps3
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