Question from adawgg600

Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get real water on little big planet and how do i use it in my level?


Accepted Answer

From: FonoNinja01 4 years ago

You need Pirates of the Carribean pack on playstation store but it costs. After you finish installing, and click on the pack, 2 sets will pop up. Water tutorial(and prize) and the actual story.

After that,head to create mode(after getting water) and open your popit and go to tools. Scroll to the right and there will be the water device. Or you can go to the lights(fog, etc) and scroll to the bottom. Water settings! Hope that helped!

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You need the Pirates of the Carribean DLC to get water in your levels.

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I have that but I still dont actually know how to put water in my level

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