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Unanswered Questions

Item Location Help Answers
Where can I find the rock hand that is color red? 0
Build items? 3
Can I use LBP2 Costumes in LBP1? 4
Can someone make me a machete? 4
Creating Lightning effects? 3
How can i make a building fall over when i stand on it? 4
How can I make a thing that lowers me down a hole? 1
How can I use multiple switches to trigger one device (if possible)? 3
How do I get the Cole jacket, Sev haircut, and Ozymandias belt? 1
How do i unlock bombs, or explosives? 4
How Do I unlock my bag in the Popit menu in the Create Level mode? 2
how do I use emitters? 8
How do I use the Emitter correctly? 3
How do you get the wings that look like bat wings? 3
How to force players to drop the paintinator or rocket? 2
How to set larger points of view? 1
I am looking for a Shark Item? 3
I need help finding a item from the first level in the Pirates of the Caribbean pack! (?) 1
I need help finding one last item in the Boom Town Level, help? 1
Is there a way to change a piston's speed? 1
LBP costume problem? 2
LBP nerf gun? 3
Red Lion Emblem? 1
Sensor switch with emitter? 1
Space background? 2
Timed magic mouth? 2
Uuuu...Where can I get sackpuppet doll for hand costume? 2
What level can I find the timed explosive? 1
what levels can I find shoes the only shoes i have are the wellington boots? 2
Wheel of Doom? 3
When does the water kit come out? 8
Where can I find (Botls, Srings, ect.)? 3
Where can I find (MGS pack but ihave download it on plastation network)? 2
Where can I find a basketball? 2
Where can I find Diamond Earrings? 1
Where can I find hair (Read description)? 1
Where can I find hawk wings???? 4
Where can I find item number one on MGS Act 1? 2
Where can I find leather gloves? 1
Where can I find new backgrounds for creating levels? 5
Where can I find Patchy Eye Skin? 1
Where can i find rotten teeth? 2
Where can I find Sara Sama sticker??? 1
Where can i find the angel costume? 1
Where can I find the audio object for Atlas by Battles? 3
Where can I find the bat wing decoration? 2
Where can I find the Black Brown Ouline in the Get a Grip level? 1
Where can I find the box that keeps putting out explosives? 3
Where can I find the cardboard box? 1
Where can I find the cartoon eyes and the grey hair? 3
Where can I find the cork hat? 1
Where can I find the dragon head? 2
Where can I find the dungarees? 1
Where can I find the fish? 1
Where can I find the Hazard Symbol and Vent covers? 2
Where can I find the headphones and that cool Jackie Chan hair? 1
Where can I find the human looking eyes?? 2
Where can I find the letter stickers? 2
Where can I find the MGS cardboard box? 1
Where can I find the music in the collectors lair? 2
Where can I find the Rainbow Sticker? 1
Where can I find the saw blade? 1
Where can I find the trench coat and arctic hat with the red star on it from the comercials? 3
Where can I find the wings? 1
Where can I find the Zangief Torso? 1
Where can I find trigger explosives? 2
Where can I find water? 1
Where can I find Zombie brain? 2
Where can I get all the hairs in the game? 1
Where can I get canyon song? 1
Where can I get lizard sticker? 1
Where can I get the timed bombs from? 2
Where can I get this sticker? 1
Where do I find dark matter? 1
Where do i get these 2 items? 1
Where do you find the lion ears? 2
Which level pack has water in it? 3
AAA How can I make a thing that lowers me down a hole? LBP 1
Activating Sticker? 2
Any way to get past DLC items? 2
Anyone know where i can find a bottle cap shield? 1
Are there any specific materials or tools I can use to create convincing rain or water effects? 6
Are there Premade cars driveable stuff? 2
Blue jeans? 1
Can i get sephiroth costume? 4
Can I make a claw hat grabs prize and points bubbles? 1
Can I place costumes in my level? 2
Can some one please make a level where you can get a paintball gun out of a prize bubble? 2
Can someone tell me what to get for this costume? 3
Can you help with my bolt problem? 4
Catching things on fire using a switch? 3
Changing object colours (energy bolts, gas clouds, invisible glass)? 2
Character Creation help? 2
Characters costumes? 2
Coloured plasma balls ? 2
Construction Tools? 2
Costume tutorial? 2
Creating a timed door? 2
Crown? 1
Custom sounds? 3
Dl content question mgs? 2
Emiter?? 1
Gloves and wooden sword and saczilla? 1
Hearts? 1
Heavenly sword costume ??? 1
Help Getting Play Trophy? 1
Help with the Paint ball guns??? 5
Helpon making creatures? 1
How can I change the colour of the Ninja Scarf bandana? 4
How can i get older dlc? 3
How can i get the submarine launcher ? 4
How can I make a draw-bridge? 1
How can you "drop" the paint gun? (From MGS Pack) 1
How do I "tag" a community level? 1
How do i access the GoW Level ? 3
How do I build sliding stairs? 3
How do I change brightness/color during a game? 2
How do I find/activate DLC downloaded content? 1
How do i get a certain costume? 2
How do i get real water on little big planet and how do i use it in my level? 3
How do i get the druid cowl? 7
How do i get the master sin gloves???? 1
How do I get the trophies "Expert creator??" and "top of the class" ? 1
How do i hold objects like swords or frying pans? 3
How do I use a Piston? 4
How do I use one-shot switches? 1
How do I use the bolt in this fashion (See description)? 5
How do i use the brain switch? 2
How do I use the Paintinator switch?? 2
How do use a one shot sensor switch with a motor bolt? 6
How do you create infinite lives checkpoints? 3
How do you get a checkpoint to activate without passing it? 1
How do you get the tetherless jetpack? 2
How do you make car? 1
How do you make catapults? 6
How do you make emitters fire really fast? 1
How to get the Psycomantis Doll in MGS Act I? 3
How to use cursor tool to delete items? 1
HOW use this items please help me? 2
I am looking for teh Shark Item? 1
I can't find my creator pack? 4
I need help with a boss? 1
Is it possible to make your own sticker? 1
Is there a easier way to customize your character besides using stickers? or a easier way to use them? 7
is there a pokemon DLC? 2
Is there any different colors or designs for the dissolve material? 2
Is there any way to get the Ape Scape Suit in Europe? 3
Is there really a music editor tool? 2
Is there such thing as a pencil? 7
LBP Booty Master Help? 2
Leaderboard Checkpoints? 1
Making a flickering light? 2
Ok. im having trouble getting someitems on Boom Town. Help? 1
Party Person??? 3
Possible to create 'popsicle stick' width objects? 1
Quick question about costumes? 1
Scoreboard-bug in creation-mode?!? 1
Secret prize in Get a Grip? 2
Step-by-step for deleting items!!!? 2
Stickers uses (Nobody has specified what the purpose is)...? 1
Switch Triggers? 2
Team Creator Trophy? 1
Thin Ninja problem? 1
Trophy Help? 1
Were can i find the devils suit? 1
What are the music notes? 2
What dlc can be recived at what time?(EX santa costume) 1
What is the difference between materials? 1
When are there new free costumes coming out? 1
When playing with 2 people do you both collect the stickers on the level? 2
Where can find secret in the Construction Site? 1
Where can I find (mgs pack)? 5
Where can I find a chinese costume or is it a DLC? 1
Where can I find a mermaid costume? 1
Where can I find all the music items in littlebigplanet ? 4
Where can I find astronaut suit? 2
Where can I find certain created by you guys? 2
Where can I find Chicken Head? 1
Where can I find clown skin? 1
Where can I find Googly Eyes? 1
Where can I find graphpaper ? 1
Where can I find ice material? 4
Where can I find Key for Roller Run? 2
Where can I find Laser Sight? 1
Where can I find new instruments? 3
Where can I find Scuba suit? 1
Where can I find skate board shoes (sneakers)? 1
Where can I find SpaceSuit SackBoy? 11
Where can I find Sum Doodle in Get a Grip? 1
Where can I find the 11th sticker in Dancer's Court ? 1
Where can I find the chinese new year dragon costume? 7
Where can I find the metallic tunic? 1
Where can I find the mini sackboy plush? 4
Where can I find the pumpkin head? 1
Where can I find the raainbow dragon outfit? 1
Where can I find the red lion sticker)? 2
Where can I find the roman cape? 4
Where can I find the Trainer Shoes? 2
Where can I find the ziggy stardust skin? 1
Where can i get ifinite checkpoint? 1
Where can I get morning star? 1
Where do I get the Dinosaur/ Godzilla/ Lizard Creature Costume for Sackboy? 4
Where is the Bonus key in the Wedding Reception? 1
Where to find the songs Leaders of men and Rainbow warrior? 2
Who has Valentine Day pack? 1
Why do I have the bunny tail? 2
Will someone be willing to give the Launch Week Astronaut? 2
Level Help Answers
Can you friends help me here: "feel the love" ? 0
Can someone help me beat the 4x sackperson thing on the collecters lair? 9
Can someone help me to get 4x at the frozen tundra? 2
Canyon level? 1
Finishing the bunker? 1
Get a Grip - The Queens Steed wont go? 2
God this bites, HELP? 2
Help at dancers court? 1
How do I ace "Boom Town"? 2
How do i get DON LU back to FRIDA in the darkness??? 2
How do I get past (the frozen tundra)? 1
How do I get past Burning Forest? 1
How do I get past the tortal with the sackman you have to put together? 2
How do I get the minigame "Wobble Poles"? 1
How do i make bomb survival levels? 1
How do you get the last sticker in Swinging Safari? 3
I need help completing the 2 player puzzles to ace levels? 1
I need level ideas? 8
Little Big Planet lvl help? 2
Where can i find this online level? 2
Acing Endurance Dojo. Help? 1
Are there trophies for these level packs? 3
Can someone post a Game-save for Europe (closest possible to 100% complete)? 1
Creating respawn points? 1
For the create trophy is it total hearts for all levels or for one level only? 1
For the X2 areas do I use a second controller or have to go online to play with others? 1
Help doing something whilst making my level? 2
How do I 'ACE' the 'First Steps' level? 2
How do I create the following situation? 2
How do I create this level? 1
How do I do the back ground glitch? 1
How do i edit the level i all ready puplished? 1
How do I get other people's levels? 1
How do I get past Metal Geal Solid: Act 1? 2
How do I get past the underground Giraffe on Swnging Safari? 1
How do I get those last few prize bubbles in Skate To Victory? 3
How do i put the end of level thing when i create one? 1
How do I unlock the mini level directly left of the wedding reception? 1
How to play little big planet Contra that everyones talking about?! 1
I don't know how to unlock the fourth world? 6
I need help acing getting a grip? 2
Metal gear solid levels? 1
Where are the metal gear levels? 1
Why r some user created lvls locked? 3
Technical Help Answers
Bypass Checkpoint help!? 1
Custom Music? 2
Exclamation point for an avitar? 1
Game keeps telling me controller #7? 2
GOTY profile help? 1
How can I use the saves from Gamefaqs on my PS3? 4
How do I copy saves then transfer it to my PS3? 1
How do I get the Pirates of the Carribean levels? 1
How do I remove items and stickers and stuff? 3
How to fix error loading my own level problem? 3
I don't see the star ratings anymore on some levels, why? 2
I have a LBP game and that is from the UK is there a way I could access my costume by buying them on PS3 store?? 2
I keep getting "Save data is corrupt". How do I stop it? 5
I lost everything? 3
I went to the official LBP webstie and when I try to sign in with my e-mail and password it wont sign in. HELP??? 1
Is there a trick to getting an online partner that I don't know? 4
Is there any way to get rid of the Copied data, no throphies for you message? 2
Metal Gear Solid DLC problem? 2
MGS 4 DLC Pack? 2
Music Player? 2
My data is corrupt should I restart or try the back up game data? 3
My lbp cd case/box is an english/japanese edition will it work for downloading costumes from ps store? 1
PS3 game saves for Asia???? 1
Strange download problem? 2
Switch for defeating bosses? 4
Update Issues ? 1
What 3rd party controllers are compatible with this game? 3
What are the levels showed in recent played list? 1
Where can I get Cornish Yarg? 2
Where Does Little Big Planet Content Go? 2
Why can my friend not play online? 1
Why can't I access the MGS Pack Items? 1
Why do I have trouble connecting to some players and other I don't? 1
Why does my game keep freezing after the beggining credits? 1
Why does the game keep not saving? 1
Why does the game keep telling me my request to join a friend timed out and what does this mean? 1
Why doesnt the game let me online even though i accepted the terms and conditions and have a strong internet connection? 2
2 Player problem? 1
2 Players doesn't work, how to? 2
Acidentally deleted profile. Can i get it back? 1
Are there any downsides to using a save game from here? 1
Can I get the photos I get to a Flash Drive? 1
Can you save online levels? 0
Does the game's region (1,2,3) matter in online multiplayer? 1
Does this game have Local Multiplayer? 6
Free downloadable stuff? 2
Game of the Year Edition? 1
Help please? 2
HELP!! How do you get this tutorial to complete? 2
How can I play using only 1 sacboy when there are 2 others? 3
How can I share content and levels with different accounts on the same console?? 1
How can i..........................? 1
How do I access LBP pictures? 1
How do I change my published levels settings? 1
How do I delete pictures from My Pictures? 5
How do I find my hearted levels? 1
How do i get into the level creator? 3
How do i get it to Auto Save again? 2
How do i heart a 'cool level' when I am on a remote planet? 1
How do I import photos? 1
How do I make a giant, walking robot? 8
How do I make a rolling log? 1
How do I make a waterfall? 3
How do I make contraptions that stop at a certain point? 4
How do I make my sackboy bounce after killing a homemade creature? 4
How do I make thing stick in the air with out strings like air? 3
How do i transfer save files??? 2
How do I use a 100% save? 3
How do you rename an Object or Sticker? 1
I completed all the tutorials, but I didn't get the Trophy. Help? 2
I got the UK version, and the LittleBigStore doesnt show up? 2
I have 2 children, how can each one have its own play level? 3
Importing savegame? 4
Is having UPnP enabled necessary for playing online? 1
Lbp tells me that my profile is too big and that i have to delete stuff? 3
Metal Gear Solid DLC Trouble? 1
Movement Phase uses?? 2
My data got corrupted, how do I fix it? 6
Purchased - Awaiting installation? 1
Speech/info bubble help needed? 1
Stuck with audio tutorial, how do I complete it? 1
Taking Sackboys from on ps3 to another? 2
To emit a platform...? 2
What's with the red screen of death? 1
Why can't I publish my level? 5
Why do I have two sackboys in my pod? 2
Why does my motor did not work? 1
Why does my pod reset back to cardboard after I play a level? 4
Why does online never work for me? 6
Why does the game keep failing to load? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (Failed to load all player profiles)? 2
Why does the game keep telling me (My internet connection isnt the right type Nat to connect to other players?)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me failed to load all player profiles? 1
Why i cant save the game? 1
Other Help Answers
Can i make skis for people to use when they play my map? 0
Little Big Planet, and theirs OpenGL Bug but i play another ,game it goes fine why ? 0
(create your own question)Leveling up? 5
After downloading and installing free costumes of PSN, where do I get the costumes? 2
Best Community Levels? 4
Boss level? 1
Boss? 1
Can I change the time of day in my maps? 1
Can you only use one DLC costume pack at a time? 2
Can you...? 1
Copy saves? 1
Custom Boss wont diewhen brains are squahed? 2
DLC help!? 2
Do I have to be someone's friend to heart him or her? 1
does any one have LBP save data for south east one? its BCAS or BLAS 1
Does multiplayer share data? 2
Downloading saves questions? 1
Downloading the updates, Can I pause in the middle, cause the file is too large to download (170mb)? 1
Every time I obtain a new material or sticker, it does not add to my inventory. Help? 3
Expert Creator Trophy Problem? 1
Grabable Glass? 6
Help please, seriously, help please. ??? 2
How can I create a level with a friend? 1
How can I delete my level search history? 2
How can I make fish enemies? 1
How do a make a checkpoint move with the player? 4
How do i build a sponge pit? 1
How do I create a button that falls??? 1
How do I find other player's levels? 2
How do I get lights on a wheel that spins? 1
How do i get rid of my sackboy bestfriend? 4
How do i get the betta bug costume? 1
How do I get the stickers...? 1
How do i get? 1
How do I let other people download my costumes and vice versa? 2
How do I make a pulley? 1
How do i make my level known? 3
How do i make scenarie dissapear? 1
How do I prevent protected creature brains from breaking off of my creatures? 2
How do I publish a level with a picture in the description box? 2
How do I put things on fire? 6
How do I save my Little Big Planet game? 3
How do u use downloable content ? 3
How do you cover one of your eyes? 1
How do you get the ??? trophy? 3
How do you get the items in the bank? 1
How do you make in-game videos? 5
How do you play in a online game with other people? 1
How to get free costumes? 3
How to get the pvc pants and the red wig ? 1
How to load a downloaded add-on on playstation store? 2
How to use the Music Player? 1
I download costume but it doesn't work ? 2
I have a question about this trophy? 2
I'm having some DLC problems, can someone help? 1
Is it possible to confine a sackboy completely in an item or contraption? 1
Is it possible to have impact bombs be emitted horizontally like the flame throwing cat? If so how? 2
Is it worth Buying a PS3/PSP for this? 4
Is there any jacket that looks like Dante's from DMC? 1
Is there any way to know how many community levels i have played so far? 3
Is there any way to play custom stages you've already downloaded offline? 1
Items disappearing out of Create Mode? 1
Ive completed all the wedding stages, it says i unlock a roman armor costume or wooden sword, but its not unlocked? 3
LBP-There is no store in LittleBigStore in the game and i could not find my costumes downloaded from PS Store...Why? 2
LBP: What does the Play, Create, Share mean on players profiles? 4
My Moon Glitch?/Materials Glitch? 1
Need a friend? 1
Need help with emitter and making slopes? 1
Person help? 2
Portal spawn? 3
Save game file? 1
Server Shutdown? 1
Sticker limit? 1
Transfer stickers to Little big planet ? 1
Turn the sackboy? 2
USA Game saves are not working? 2
Voice chat, when players talk, I can't hear them very well. Help? 2
Was LBP designed primarily for single play mode vs playing with friend on one PS3 system and using 2 controllers? 1
Were do i get some stuff? 2
What do I lose if I start a new game because of corrupt data? 3
What does the Play, Create, Share mean on players profiles? 1
What is my queue? 1
What is the best place to create a level? 3
What sticker do I put on the horse to lower the bridge? 2
When does the Sephiroth DLC come out? 3
When I'm in create mode, why can't I use all of the popit features? 1
When the FF7 costumes comes out..........? 3
Where are the tutorials?? 1
Where do I get the ninja costume? 2
Why cant i edit levels with other players online? 5
Why did the level change color....? 2
Why is there two box arts for LBP? 3
Why there is another player inside while only one controller activated? 1
Will a lbp game save erase my costumes? 1
Will my friends list be erased if i change my name? 4
" First! " Trophy. Help? 1
A few Questions about Little Big Planet? 2
All story levels aced, and no trophy!?, why? help please. 3
Am I supposed/How do I get numbers on that planet to the left in the Pod? 3
Any hint of releases for other systems? 2
Anyone good at creating bosses? 1
Are any packs worth buying ? 1
Are there any PC tools to create objects, and how to import them? 1
Are you able to invite other people? 1
Auto save in own lvls? 1
Camera angles when creating a level? 1
Can I get the Pirates of the Carribean trophy if I haven't bought the pack? 3
Can I get the platinum trophy without the MGS4 dlc pack? 3
Can i let other ppl (like my friends) create a lvl? 2
Can I update a published level? 1
Can someone give me tips? 1
Can someone heart me and my brother please? 1
Can someone help me get "party person"? 3
Can you create a level with a online friend? 5
Can you get some MGS trophies if you don't have the MGS Pack? 1
Can you make/customize your own enemies? 5
Can you reset the pod? 1
Copy Community Level? 1
Costume problem help please? 1
DLC Question? 1
Do the US LBP game saves work on European LBP? 3
Does a larger crater on the Moon mean a larger level? 1
Does anyone have just a spare Kratos thats it? 2
Enemy Brains? 3
Help? 1
Holiday themed stickers and items...? 1
How can I make my own multiplayer section in my levels? 1
How can I play a tutorial I skipped? 4
How can you join others on levels for online play? 2
How do get to be able to make your level more difficult? 2
How do I add photo to my level description? 1
How do I change the color of my prize bubbles in create mode? 1
How do I creat smoke (Level edit)? 2
How do i create this situation? 1
How do I customize the Costume's colours? 5
How do I delete the bottom half of the Scoreboard? 1
How do i Emit paintballs? 2
How do i get my level on the cool levels page? 1
How do I get off of two player mode? 1
How do I get the "Incredible Height!" Trophy? 2
How do I get the "Incredible Speed!" Trophy? 2
How do i get the flat roundish mask? 1
How do i get the metal gear solid expansion? 4
how do I get to level editor? 4
How do I glue items to things? 1
How do I heart other players? 4
How do i hit other players with a frying pan? 1
How do I load a level that gives the "Failed to Load Level" message? 2
How do I make a vehicle move forward? 2
How do I make attacks random in survival challenges? 1
How do i make my level appear on the first page of community(Cool levels)? 2
How do I meet up with friends online? 1
How do I punch? 2
How do I skip the tutorials? 4
How do I take photos in-game? 2
How do i turn my sackboy around? 2
How do I unlock the second costume for acing levels? 1
How do I use game saves? 1
How do we pass the bunker? 1
How do you access the MGS4 game pack? 8
How do you change hand gestures? 1
How do you create your own stickers? 1
How do you get the Old Snake outfit? 4
How do you get the trophies for the Metal Gear Solid levels that are online? 2
How Do you jump so high in the spring platform in 'Wedding reception' level? 2
How do you make it so your creatures pace back and forth with the pathing thing? 2
How do you make stuff detonate when you kill them with the Paintanator? 2
How do you put the score board? 1
How do you set your avatar back to the original PSN avatar? 1
How do you take a lesson about making a level? 1
How do you unlock level maker? 2
How do you use the level unlock keys in create mode? 3
How does one change the color of poisonous gas? 4
How does this work? 2
How is the name of this game spelled? 1
How long does it normally take for somone to make a really good level? 1
How many Music Tracks does this game have? 1
How to make a tank fire promity mines? 1
How to make your own sticker? 1
Hows does the sync work? 1
I cant use the cheats on gamefaqs for LittleBIG Planet? 1
I did all the tutorials but it didn't give me a Trophy. Help? 2
If i didnt buy the costumes can i still buy them at the ps3 store? 2
If i get coustumes from my japan account, can i use them with my US profile? 1
If I install a completed game of lbp onto my PS3, will I get the trophies? 1
If I use a paintgun from a community level...? 1
Infinite lives Checkpoint? 1
Is it possible to 100 percent? 2
Is it True That you can use a Kratos Code 5 Times? 7
Is LittleBigPlanet worth it? 1
Is Media Molecule making another pack like they did for MGS? 3
Is there a Superman costume for Sackboy? 5
Is this game good? 1
Keyboard compatibility? 1
LBP keeps telling me that my profile is too big and i cant find anything else to delete? 2
LBP save data from one ps3 to another ps3? 2
Looking 4 frend? 1
Magic Mouth Help? 2
Move Compatibility? 1
Need "Feel the love" and "Create" Trophies for Little Big Planet but have a question about attaining 1
Objects in little big planet flash different colors? 1
Official Brady Guide Goodies? 4
Only played with others online...? 1
Party Person trophy help? 1
Pictures and some costumes getting deleted? 2
Play Trophy? 1
Raspberyl Costume? 1
Recovering Game Save Data? 2
Red text online published levels? 1
Rube Goldberg Machine? 2
Secret Trophy Glitch, what happened? 1
Share Trophy Requirements? 1
Should i get LBP....? 1
Silver? 1
Skate to the Victory Music. Help? 1
So can I create my own costumes for Sackboy? 2
So? Can i create my own levels? 4
Some Suggestions? 3
Symbol in profile? 2
The god of war levels & items are included in this game? 2
The neon helmet? 2
Trendsetter? 2
Use pictures from ps3 hardrive? 3
Water? 1
What do I need for the Creat Trophy?) 5
What is the best way to advertise your level? 2
What is the policy of copyright laws in level creation? 6
When making a level how do I make things/items stay floating in the air? 4
Where can i get a gamesave? 1
Where do my decorations/materials/objects go? 1
Where do u find cyclops eye? 4
Where in create a mode is the water ? 2
Where is the metal ger level content for me? 1
Why can't I place stickers in other people's pods but they can place them in mines? 1
Why isn't LBP available for the 360? 4
Why LBP accuses me of downloading save data? 1
Will I use my old save data if I use the GOTY edition? 2
Will saved games from gamefaqs unlock trophies? 3

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