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How do you tag in and out in a tag match?

When im in a tag team match I dont know how to tag my partner, Can anyone help me?

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ryderrolle answered:

To tag in your partner, go into your corner a press x
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ryderrolle answered:

I've been trying to do that and the only thing I came up with so far is to throw your opponent into your corner turnbuckcle and move the right stick in any direction. This will allow you to tag your partner as well as do a double team move on your opponent
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mo7ex answered:

This is indeed a problem from time to time. I know I struggled long with this problem but once you know how to do it it goes a lot better.
You need to be with your face towards the ropes and your partner. If you have been playing this game you know how hard it is to approach your tag team member like that.
I always used running. Let me try to explain:
Suppose that your character is standing on his side of the ring with his back to his tag team mate. In that case you need to run forward, turn completely around and keep on running until you arrive with your face and body looking at your partner and RIGHT INFRONT of him Then you can press x to tapp your team member in. This requires a bit of practice to put him on the right place, but once you know it it will go much better.

There is also another way like ryderrolle has mentioned: to throw your oppenent in the turnbuckle where your tag team member is at, and then execute a grapple unto your opponent that is hanging against the turnbuckle.

But it surely is a common problem.
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