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Where do I find the Delgado and Beta Romero?

Where do I find the Delgado and Beta Romaro sport cars?
How do I save the French people from a cruel fate?

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jhoeyvee answered:

Its at the pit stop in Saarbrucken race track.To open the gate you have to kill all the guards and approach the switch on the left side of the gate.Now, once you collected the car the gate will be locked again so you have to climb up the tower and jump to the other side where you opened it earlier.Once it open jump back to your car and take it to the shop and save.Avoid any confrontation so the car wont get damage before you can save.
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sandsquidx answered:

To save the french people from a cruel fate watch for "german" soldiers hitting, pointing their guns at civilians, or lining them up firing squad style, the kill the "german" doing it before they kill the civilian.
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