Question from GameMad51

Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best strategy to get the 'Late Boomer' trophy?

This time, I need help with the late boomer trophy on bomber mode. I need to get 20 bombs, but with all the obsticles around, its impossible (well, for me). Please respond people!

Additional details - 5 years ago

SORRY, I meant you needed 15 bombs, I still can't do it. PLEASE HELP, this is one of my two last trophies, PLEASE!!!

Accepted Answer

From: Aphel 5 years ago

Follow the 1st bombship and try your best to survive without using any bombs until the 2nd dropship appears. What you want to do is to bomb the 2 bombships with a single bomb, increasing your count to 13. From there, just use one bomb for the 3rd bombship, and one more for the 4th bombship.

If you instead choose to use a bomb everytime a new bombship appears, you would essentially require a 5th bombship to appear in order to reach 15 bombs. Try to avoid that because those homing red-triangles will start to appear after the 4th ship, making it a real pain to survive.

So everything boils down to how well you can survive under stress. Good luck!

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