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Dose Arumat carries over Faize?

When Faize is replaced with Arumat do they share levels & stats? For instance if I use a ATK +4 [permanent] item on Faize will the effects carry over to Arumat?

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ridjenite answered:

He also carries over Faize's BEAT guage (I have mine set at N because both S and B are maxed out and the stat boosts alone make it worth it.) He also gets many of Faize's skills. However, they are all at Lv. 1 again. BUt not to worry- When I got Arumat, He was at Lv 54 with 2274 SP.
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Ragnawind answered:

I think they are carried over. The only things I know that are carried over are equipment (maybe only weapon?) and skills that were not learned from Skill Manuals
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ridjenite answered:

Arumat will be at Faize's level. He has hisown skills and attributes.
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