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How do I find the kidnapped Sarah?

Ive been all over both cities available at that point of the plot but seem to have missed the one good informant each time I ran around. Please, I`m getting really frustrated right now... Can anyone help?

natascha_16 provided additional details:

Looking back now, my main error was that I got so focused on my search for Sarah, that I ignored the bunnys. So I did not get to Tropp in the first place and got struck. Thanks a lot.

Accepted Answer

iyeru42 answered:

You have to find her in the Purgatorium. Go there after she's kidnapped from the inn, and then a cutscene will commence. Once the cutscene is done, go all the way to Tropp and go to the house on the north end of town that you couldn't go into before. Another cutscene will occur, and you'll meet up with Elenya. She'll give you an item needed to get further into the Purgatorium.
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