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800%+ Accessories are gone? Answered 10
Ancient Cannon? Open 2
Arumat Dragon Roar? Answered 7
Battle trophy trophies? Answered 1
Can someone provite me with a Harvest/Mining Map? (PS3) Open 1
Do accessories with negative stat penalties affect stat growth at level up? Open 1
Do i need to get all pods in the wandering dungeon to get treasure hoarder? Answered 1
Do u get any item for beating the coleseum?? Answered 2
Does the DANGER! DO NOT DRINK! item only work in battle? Answered 1
Dose Arumat carries over Faize? Answered 3
Drop rate of Psynard Egg? Answered 6
FAQs and Walkthroughs for the ps3 version? Open 1
Final Skill Manuals? Open 1
How can i charge my thunder ring im out of uses? Answered 1
How do i get the skill manual Faerie Star? Answered 1
How do I open chests engulfed in flames? Answered 2
How do I use the Lil' vending machine? Answered 2
How Do You Get Meracles Battle Trophy #12? Answered 2
How do you make an broken item useful? Answered 2
I still can't find [silver]s... Just how...? Open 2
Iron Protectors? Answered 5
Is it to late to get recipe Memo 05? Answered 1
Is there any item used to recharge your rings, in mid-dungeon? (Wandering Dungeon) Open 3
Is there any other useful skill manuals like faerie star in this game that u can get? Open 3
Item Creation question? Answered 1
Just got the water ring what chest am i missing? Answered 1
Laser weapon creation? Open 5
Need guitar parts? Answered 1
Need help? Answered 1
Recipe memo 20? Open 1
Savage Sparrows? Answered 1
Super tri-emblems? Answered 1
The special boxes ? Open 1
Trying to find Philosopher's Tome. A little help? Open 1
Wandering dungeon, SRF protector? Open 1
What are the best weapons for each character (STANDARD BEFORE SYNTH)? Open 3
What are the furniture items and what do they do? Answered 1
What are the seven stars for? Open 1
What does the biorhythm tester do? Answered 1
What does the echo machine do? Open 1
What type of chests do certain rings open? Open 1
Where are all the Sacred Light chests? Open 1
Where can I find (darknees charm)? Answered 1
Where can I find (Lezard's Flask)? Answered 3
Where can I find (where can i find curry rice)? Open 1
Where can I find 20% deff IC items? Open 2
Where can I find a Sandfish? Answered 3
where can I find attack/defense seeds? Open 2
Where can i find dendrobium? Answered 1
Where can I find items that gives resistence? (Synthesis) Answered 1
Where can I find mercury on Lemuris? Answered 1
Where can I find moon stone? Open 4
Where can I find new Scythes for Arumat? Open 4
Where can I find Purgatorium Stone? Open 4
Where can I find Red Dragon Scale ? Answered 1
Where can I find Rings? Open 6
Where can I find serpent staff? Open 1
Where can I find shining stone? Open 1
Where can I find skill manual emergency repair? Answered 1
Where can I find Sky Sword Ama-no-Murakumo? Answered 1
Where can I find tasty mushroom for in search of shrooms quest? Answered 1
Where can I find the Charge skill manual (PS3 version)? Answered 1
Where can I find the following Items? Answered 2
Where can I find the items for a Funereal Bouquet? Answered 1
Where can I find the Water Ring? Answered 1
Where can I find [mercury]s? Open 1
Where can I find [silver]s ? Answered 1
Where can I find/buy disintegration stones? Answered 1
Where can i get the water ring? Answered 1
Why i can't find the skill manual "Ocarina"? *PS3 Version* Answered 2
Other Help status answers
(Can Battle Trophies Be Completed Through Saves?) Answered 1
(Can i finish bunny trophy between playthroughs?) Answered 1
(Do i need to do any funeral boquets to get Faizes ending?) Open 3
(EXP bonus on all items?) Open 4
(No Rush Combos!?) Open 3
(Why not make guide for this game like this?) Answered 1
2 Players? Open 1
About affinity and pickpocketing? Open 2
About pickpocketing? Open 1
Add An Extra Attack Factor? Answered 3
Any extras added to international aside from languages and menu?... Open 1
Are there Save Points? Answered 1
Arumat as a Full Character? Answered 6
Bonus board help? Answered 2
Can i still use the item creation after crashing on Nox Obscurus? Answered 2
Can someone help me make a good character team? Open 1
Can you get beam sabers for Edge? Answered 1
Can you pause during cutscenes? Answered 1
Can you use Crowe? Open 3
Can't put Faize and Lymle in the same room ? Answered 1
Can't Trigger the PA 'Don't want any cookies'? Answered 2
Character's enemy drop increase skill question? Open 1
Couples Ending Scenes? Answered 1
Coustume/Dlc? Answered 3
Different battle actions? Open 1
Do u have to play the ohter star oceans? Open 2
Do you need to level grind to finish the game? Answered 2
Does anyone know a faster way to level up? Open 1
Does Earth Difficulty Negate PS3 Trophies? Answered 1
Does SO4 have any replay value? Open 2
Does SO4 have weapon hitting sound effects? Answered 2
Does SO4 have weapon/magic hitting sound effects? Answered 1
Does this game have gameshark or action replay? Answered 1
Dude has anybody in the world got all the trophies or at least most of them? Open 2
Endings? Answered 1
English subtitles in japanese release of SO4 International? Open 2
Fire Chests? Answered 1
Foreal? Open 1
Gabriel Celeste ? Answered 2
Grinding? Answered 3
Hard mood ? Answered 1
Has anybody obtained the platinum trophy? Answered 1
Has anyone heard any news of a another new star ocean game coming out yet? Answered 3
Help about synth equipment in ps3 (strickly PS3)?? Open 2
How can i farm fol quickly? Open 1
How do i change the character pictures? Answered 1
How do i get + exp on my weapons and other equipment? Answered 1
How do i get ID if no energy left in ring? Answered 2
How do i get in to the asral caves? Answered 1
How do I get Meracle final PA? Open 2
How do I get off of Manual Attack Mode? Open 1
How do i put exp on equip? Open 1
How do I remove factors?? (Synthesis) Answered 2
How do you get Edge's 200 Squats Battle Trophy? Answered 2
How does the Ocarina work for Meracle? Answered 1
How many Characters are there? is it possible to swith or play as any of them on the field screen or the battle screen? Open 2
How Many Characters? Open 2
How to get edge survive 6 ambush in one battle ? battle tropy Answered 1
How to use your skills ? Answered 1
I need an automatic lvling spot? Open 1
I this game? Answered 1
IC high quality chance? Open 2
If I liked "til the end of time" will I enjoy this? Answered 1
Is it possible to make a screenshot during fieldgame / battle? Open 1
Is it possible to raise all stat to 9999 with proper gears and lvl 255? Open 3
Is the battle system in this game as sweet as in Till The End Of Time? Answered 2
Is the darkness gem really important? Open 2
Is there a way to pause the game during cutscenes?- CORRECT ANSWER Open 3
Is there any save data? Open 1
Is this game story or gameplay focused? Answered 1
Is this game worth getting? Answered 9
Is this true? Answered 1
List of Trophies? Answered 2
New game +? Answered 1
No Japanese Audio? Open 2
Not worth buying if you already have 360 version? Answered 5
Ok to use Xbox 360 walkthough for PS3 version? Open 4
PA Help Anybody? Answered 2
Party member left the party? Answered 1
playing star ocean the last hope international in SDTV? Open 2
Purgatorium Chest? Answered 1
Reimi secret move? Open 2
Rush Combos? Answered 1
Stun effect? Answered 1
Synth? Open 1
Synthesis guide? Answered 1
Synthesis stacks? Answered 1
Three Quick questions? Answered 2
Trophies? Answered 1
Viewing all character's ending sequence? Answered 1
What are the stats for each character at Level 255? Answered 2
What are the stats of Faize at level 255? Open 1
What floor does Santa begin to appear randomly? Open 4
What is the difference between XBOX Version and PS3 version? Answered 5
What is the difffernet between the PS3 and XBOX 360? Open 2
What's the name of the boss music? Open 1
Whats the best area to do some good power leveling? Answered 2
Where can I find edges Scintillant Stream? Open 1
Where is the best place to level up everybody? Answered 1
Where is the exact place of the store named ''ruddles place'' ? Open 1
Wheres the best place for leveling? Open 1
Why are there no save files? Answered 1
Why can't I get Bacchus' 72nd BT? Answered 2
why can't I loot the ID card in the cold sleep room? Open 1
Why does my game get stuck in battle? Open 1
Why does the game always freeze in the wandering dungeon whenever u get enemy ambushes? Open 3
Why has Edge started sparking? Answered 1
Why i can't fight wandering swordsman in the colosseum? Answered 1

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