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(Do i need to do any funeral boquets to get Faizes ending?) Open 3
(EXP bonus on all items?) Open 4
(No Rush Combos!?) Open 3
2 Players? Open 1
About affinity and pickpocketing? Open 2
About pickpocketing? Open 1
Any extras added to international aside from languages and menu?... Open 1
Can someone help me make a good character team? Open 1
Can you use Crowe? Open 3
Character's enemy drop increase skill question? Open 1
Different battle actions? Open 1
Do u have to play the ohter star oceans? Open 2
Does anyone know a faster way to level up? Open 1
Does SO4 have any replay value? Open 2
Dude has anybody in the world got all the trophies or at least most of them? Open 2
English subtitles in japanese release of SO4 International? Open 2
Foreal? Open 1
Help about synth equipment in ps3 (strickly PS3)?? Open 2
How can i farm fol quickly? Open 1
How do I get Meracle final PA? Open 2
How do I get off of Manual Attack Mode? Open 1
How do i put exp on equip? Open 1
How many Characters are there? is it possible to swith or play as any of them on the field screen or the battle screen? Open 2
How Many Characters? Open 2
I need an automatic lvling spot? Open 1
IC high quality chance? Open 2
Is it possible to make a screenshot during fieldgame / battle? Open 1
Is it possible to raise all stat to 9999 with proper gears and lvl 255? Open 3
Is the darkness gem really important? Open 2
Is there a way to pause the game during cutscenes?- CORRECT ANSWER Open 3
Is there any save data? Open 1
No Japanese Audio? Open 2
Ok to use Xbox 360 walkthough for PS3 version? Open 4
playing star ocean the last hope international in SDTV? Open 2
Reimi secret move? Open 2
Synth? Open 1
What are the stats of Faize at level 255? Open 1
What floor does Santa begin to appear randomly? Open 4
What is the difffernet between the PS3 and XBOX 360? Open 2
What's the name of the boss music? Open 1
Where can I find edges Scintillant Stream? Open 1
Where is the exact place of the store named ''ruddles place'' ? Open 1
Wheres the best place for leveling? Open 1
why can't I loot the ID card in the cold sleep room? Open 1
Why does my game get stuck in battle? Open 1
Why does the game always freeze in the wandering dungeon whenever u get enemy ambushes? Open 3

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