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How do you drive/fly a boat, helicopter, and planes?

Like in the mission when you have to save Gnat in the hospital, and you have to fly the 'copter and in the Brotherhood mission when u have to drive the boat or fly the plane.

Syrinque asked for clarification:

Thank you sooo much!
Ah, now I can pass the level I'm stuck on! -happy dance-


Berformet2 answered:

Choppers -- x - up, square - down, r1 - rotate right, l1 - rotate left, left stick - steer, right stick - camera,triangle - enter/exit.

boats -- x - go, square - reverse, triangle - enter/exit.

planes -- x - go,left stick - pitch and direction, l1/r1 - rudder control, triangle - enter/exit.

also enure that six-axis is OFF
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jun4dragon1976 answered:

It depends on your current control scheme.

The game has three control schemes which you can select at will.

Pause the game, go to options and look up your control scheme (for vehicles).

Planes and Helicopters are the commands listed in red.

Also, the game tells you when you first enter a boat, plane, or chopper with a pop up hint.

When in doubt, look it up in the instruction manual (assuming you have one).
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juice9 answered:

Its one of those SIX AXIS things. You have to turn the controller in the direction.
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ZokeThe2nd answered:

Your problem is probably that motion control is on, meaning you tilt the controller to turn and go forward. Turn it off in the options menu. Mind you, this doesn't make it perfect, but it's much easier than with the sixaxis controls.
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brax14 answered:

Need help cant go down in helicopters so i have to jump out and gad keep dieing.
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brax14 answered:

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