Question from cjohnson1234

How do i unlock the pendants at the jewelry stores?

What do i have to do to unlock them.

cjohnson1234 provided additional details:

I know about the medallions thats what you told me about i want to know about the pendands tha item under medalliions


josephyacomine answered:

A pendant can only be worn when you are wearing a necklace. If you mean showing up in a store, I guess just only specific stores have them. If not, just game progression.
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42Limey answered:

Medallions and pendants can only be previewed if you're wearing a short or a long necklace, respectively. In my experience no game progress is involved, merely finding the stores in which they are sold. Provided you have the money to support your bling-habit, you can get them as soon as you're outta prison.
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preacherdani200 answered:

Buy a long necklace first
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