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How do i get good cars/good money fast?

Ive been playin this game for a long time and am just doing the same old races and getting the same old cash. But how can i get lots of money from a race fast?


Posieden31007 answered:

Buy the Ninja, and do some wagers on Hardest, in whichever venue you are best in. You will get about 21k every race. If you get good on the Ninja, you will be earning a lot of money in no time.
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jun4dragon1976 answered:

Everyone says use the ninja to race hardest races, but what if you lose?

I have found that probably the fastest method to earn cash is to get into the highest class vehicle you can (don;t know if the actual stats of the vehicle matter, but I know at least the class will effect it) and start the delivery mission on the easiest setting.

Not only will you have plenty of time to get to the delivery point, but you will not potentially lose any money on a wager and you will gain a decent amount of cash depending on your rep and the class of car you were in when you started the delivery.

Another factor is time, and in wager races, sometimes it takes a long time (relatively speaking) to complete a race. But in the delivery missions at most, they take around 60 secs. Most are less.

The upside also is that as you get better, find your routes for each of the cars (there are only about a dozen cars for delivery and always the exact same delivery point for each car) and get your times down lower, you can up the difficulty and make more money at your leisure.

This is how I have earned money the fastest with the least difficulty and zero risk.
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chris241190 answered:

go to the race menu (press start) and then go to sub heading modes (> or R1)
go to Arcade
select the race type
Choose race
Race options
to win cash or REP you need power ups: off
Traffic: none
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namroch answered:

The way that I got good money stored up, like in the millions.....I worked my way up to the corvette, and finally the 2006 lamborghini gallardo spyder. I always ran highway races on the east side of town loop. Mostly green but you can move up to the harder ones if you like. That's how I won the 25 in a row to get the "A" license. pretty tough but I did it; and made a ton of money trying too. Stay on the same loop....on the EAST side of town going round and round, after a while you get pretty good. Run in between the fast lane and the center lane most of the time. After a while you can breeze right past them like they are standing still. Use the electro magnetic pulse when ever the the guy you're racing gets close to you .....that will knock him back and you will be able to get away. The good thing is even if you loose the race you still get second place money...6-7 thousand to loose the race....just finish and you get paid!!!! Keep away from Dora in her SL65 AWD....she will really give you a run for your money!!!
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Darkstalker77 answered:

If you have unlocked the revenge missions for carol then just do loads of them on hardest which is still easy,great fun and you get about 5k in 5 minutes
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350zrocker answered:

Get a motorcycle, Kawasaki Ninja at best... It's like cheating... but it'll get the job done... trust me
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benspot97 answered:

The best way to get money fast is probably to do freeway races over and over again. The cool thing is you can finish them really fast and get a lot of ca$h. Now if you want more money do the harder ones try this strategy, first make sure you have EMP in your car as a power up and make sure there is at least one charged, now drive up behind the freeway racer you want to race at about 100 mph and flash your lights when you are right along side of the freeway racer and right when the race starts use your EMP. Now you should have a big head start so if you don't crash you should get first place and if you do crash get in control and use NOS. Hope this helps because this is what I do because this is the quickest, and easiest way to get a lot of money for an easier race.
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GasmanOAV answered:

The quickest and easiest way I found to make money was to do the South Central deliveries. On easiest you can earn between $9,000 and $13,000 for each one. I made $650,000 in two hours.
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woopwoop1297 answered:

Buy 1098r because its cheper than ninja full custum go to macks burgers wager and go hardest if you lose twice do highway on hardest.

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Psychosis8232 answered:

I find that the easiest way to make a lot of money is to use emp as your special and drive up on a freeway racer doing around 100 to 120 with your emp charged flash your headlights as your pulling along side of them and hit your emp temporarely disabling their vehicle this should give you a good lead and as long as you don't crash you should win easily afterwards if the race was fairly easy let the other driver pass you after the race get back up to 100 or so and do it again
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DeleteElDiablo answered:

I think the best way is to go to arcade mode set the race as "Welcome To Hollywood" it is small and gives you the same amount of money depending on time. and set it to weather clear time of day noon (to see) and power-ups off and race in the south central Ducati 2008 1098R its fast and controllable and also upgrade it to the max (its only about 24k to upgrade it fully and if you dont have the south central pack just get the Kawasaki ninja. :) (Delete ElDiablo is my xbox live name.
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Rockstar_Suppor answered:

This is Rockstar Support. The fastest way to earn money is to do delivery. Keep doing until you are able to buy a expensive car. Than do delivery on easiest and if you are driving an expensive car, you get more money each delivery you make.
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cvigil13 answered:

get a Kawasaki Ninja, level it up, then fill out your garage, go to Mack's burger pink slip, lose an expensive car, buy another car, then win the pink slip on the expensive car you lost, it will give you the price of the car since it cant actually give you the car. all cheats enabled.
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