Question from killerbird88

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find (Dub edition cars)?

I have over 20 cars now but I can't seem to unluck any dub edition cars!
what am I doing wrong?

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From: W0N6312 6 years ago

Once you progressed far enough into the game, certain missions should show up in your mission log that tell you to win each of the four tournaments on Hard difficulty. If you win the tournament, you simultaneously unlock the DUB edition vehicle and they give you one, too.

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You have to look in your mission log, there are certain tournaments that you have to win on hard difficulty to unlock the dub versions. If you don't have those tournaments in your mission log...then you've probably completed them and now you just gotta buy the cars in the showroom. Good luck!

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I just found out that youcan still buy the cars when they are locked...I tried it and it works. :D

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Ony works for the DUB cars...only the group of cars that u unlocked.

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What cars can u put hydraulics on

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Hydraulics goes on any car i beleve but not on bikes

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Win the dub ternemints on hard.

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