Question from dcplumley

What is a super story?

Looking to find where the super stories are?


BKGlover answered:

Super story is running through each episodes story without going back to the cantina inbeween the parts all within a time limit.

There is one for each episode, and to get to them you have to build the doorway out of the gold LEGO bricks off to the side of the room.
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HS17 answered:

Super Story is where the player plays through every chapter of an episode without any intermissions. The episode must be completed in less than an hour, and at least 100,000 studs must be obtained altogether.

There is no Gold Brick reward for a super story, but the remaining amount of time is given in studs. Completion of a Super Story will increase the game's completion percentage.

To access a super story, you must complete the desired episode, and then build the doorway out of the Gold Bricks off to the side of the room.
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