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How Do I Get In The Alien Mother Ship?

How Do I Get In The Alien Mother Ship?

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How Do I Get This DLC Pack?

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taraisabara answered:

You need to wait until you get the Mothership Zeta DLC, then they just beam you up
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ZealDeath answered:

oh you mean alien spaceship for your normal game or did you got DLC pack. well when you arrive there you will be beamed in. then you will be there. if you not get DLC pack. but good news you can find alien blaster and dead alien already and some ammo. i will rate the gun for you. it's good and power is good for vanish monsters in blue light to dust. to look for it. just go to this website. just go west of Greener Pastures Disposal Site. it's best to go look at it at night. you will know when you see a metal object and had a rad lv 1+ when you arrive. you will find it
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sgttaters answered:

It wont come out for ps3 until late september
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