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Asked: 5 years ago

If I killed ronald?

is there a chance if I wait long enough sierra will stop cowering? i have 33 nukacola...

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Why would you want to kill Ronald in the first place? If you told Ronald to look for Nuka-Cola himself, he will decline the offer he made to you, and run off to the Nuka-Cola Plant and get himself killed. If you kill Ronald yourself, I don't think Sierra will ever stop being hostile towards you.

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I puched him, then shot his 'Kneecapper' shotgun in VATS and stole it. it's awesome. after waiting three days in game, he went neutral. so, no, there is no point in killing him, coz you can get his unique weapon without doing so and turning sierra hostile.

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Try waiting 3 days, if Sierra still is fleeing from you then you should try to reload it from a past save. Otherwise she may stay like that forever.

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I thought she wasn't supposed to know. I've killed him before, and when i talk to her, i get the dialogue option "How are you and ronald", and she then replies "you know, i haven't heard from him in a while" and thats the end if it.

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Wait a couple days i've done that for ronald's swaed off shot gun the kneecaper

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It probably depends on how you killed him but did you know theres actually a side mission where you are ment to take him an item found in the fire ant metro station i would suggest lookin at that first.

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She may be fleein from near by enemies I killed Ron and she was fine wit me check area around b4 goin in to her.

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Just kill her too. Then she can't cower anymore. Problem solved.

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