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Where can I find a .44 magnum?

I heard these guns are really good and i've been looking all over for 1 but I cant find one i know they exist because they are always selling the .44 bullets if anyone could help me to find 1 it would be great

shadow_571 provided additional details:

Thank toy very much but i actually found one for sale at flak and sharpnel's at rivet city =)

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Just_DJ answered:

There's one in Rivet City when you talk to Pinkerton; right by the Very Hard locked door. *WATCH OUT!* There's s mine on the table, and when I accidentally set it off, it exploded my Scoped .44 Magnum. Oh, I was none too pleased. So be careful. I found another in Vance's safe in Meresti (this may be random). i found one in Arlington Library (this may also be random). Hope this helps.
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Ramza742 answered:

in grayditch when you go under the tunnels there is one there. As you are exploring the tunnels there is a skeleton next in a short alley it is right next to him. I want to say when you see a hole in the wall it is right across from it. So just so im more clear there is a mission in grayditch where you must kill all the ants and it tells you to go to the train station tunnels to find out more and at one point you are turning left down a tunnel you will see a hole in the wall and to your right there is a small alley with a skeleton on the floor it should be right there.
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rfs101 answered:

There's one in the Germantown Police HQ in the shooting range in one of the lockers. There's also another in Minefield in one of the houses in a safe, but if you don't already have something with a scope, I don't suggest going there first. (Sniper)
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skvazos answered:

The earliest point is on Megaton, but you have to take it from Billy, the one that has an eyepatch ... so this means you got to kill him
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KaseUno4200 answered:

Help Agatha and she gices you a WILD magnum called the blackhawk
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schaek answered:
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Jeric735 answered:

Billy Creel in Megaton has one. If you want to be evil, just put a bullet through his head and take his piece.
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