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How do you open the utility door in the national guard depot?

It is the door with the sentry bot behind it and lights on both sides of the door.

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Ramza742 answered:

if its the door im thinking of there is a door as you are exploring the main area that is on the bottom floor and it says it does not have power?im thinking. If you turn around there should be a staircase pretty close to you you have to climb that to the top and you should be able to explore more just follow that and you will eventually come to a place that asks to power the area or start an emergency fire exit which opens the door. There is a ton of ammo down there but there is an extra door which you can't enter without a password which you have to go all the way up to the northeast to find. there are three areas in the northeast section of the map and you have to find these holotapes and one them has a password for the place i think they're called keller tapes. the guide has the locations to them.
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