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Should you take the finesse perk if your luck is allready 10?

some people say the definition is that you will only gain extra critical hit so theoretically if your luck was 10 it would still add more critical hit but for a counter argument I heard that its only a maximum of 10% and sense luck at 10 raises you to 10% it doesn't increase your critical hit which statement is true?


taraisabara answered:

I would say that it wouldn't do anything.
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mattcherrie answered:

Taken from the wiki:
You have a higher chance to score a critical hit on an opponent in combat, equivalent to 5 extra points of Luck, or 5%.
Don't think this actually adds 5 points of Luck, because it doesn't. It gives a higher chance to score a critical hit EQUIVALENT to 5 points of Luck.

Basically, it gives you an extra 5% crit chance.
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