Question from xtina666

I collected 54 Steel Ingots and now Everett won't talk to me...What's up?

I've already shut down the power, let the Trogs out and given the teddy bears to Midea...Now I've gone back to retrieve more steel ingots in the Abandoned Area and collected 54 more. Why won't Everett talk to me/give me prizes for my collection of ingots?

xtina666 provided additional details:

Actually, I figured out that once you have finished the quest, "Free Labor" by a) taking the baby to Wernher or b) killing the mother, you cannot turn in any more steel ingots to Everett for some reason, even though it says you can return to Everett at any time during the game to get paid. I would advise collecting and turning them in only during the quest "Unsafe Working Conditions" or pre-"Free Labor", as this is the only time in which you may do so.


sirelfblood answered:

Sadly, you needed to give the ingots to him in sets of ten to get all the rewards. You need to find ten, go back and give them to him then find ten more, and repeat the process. I don't know why they made it that way, but it just is. I guess you'd have to reload from an earlier save file and try again. I can't remember if you can just drop the ingots. If you can, drop all but ten, give them to him, etc.
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sgttaters answered:

Uhh, no. Thats wrong. you can get all the ingots at once if you want. Dont no where you got that idea.
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WHiTE_LickR answered:

sgttaters - I think there is a glitch with the steel ingot quest. The first time you do it, I think you have to have only ten or run the risk of glitching the system.

As far as I know, you can still turn in ingots even after you finish The Pitt. Sounds like a reload is in order, although it would suck to loose all that progress.
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chriscambr answered:

After u finish the pitt u cant turn anymore ingots in,u can only use them to make ammo
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EmoDoll answered:

you can still hand in ingots after completing the pitt i collected ten during the mission and then after doing EVERYTHING in the pitt I come back and got all the ingots must be glitched
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myrick97 answered:

I collected all 100 before the quest where u fight in the hole and everett had no problems with me. i dont know wat to tell ya , must be a really f****d up glitch
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