Question from Mudkipz0r

Scrap Metal Exploit?

Doesn't seem to be working for me?

I use 56 SM, Give him 56, Steal 56, Give him 54, Steal 54, Steal LR Getting caught, and he turns aggressive?

I haven't attacked any Outcasts, My Karma is Very Good, I read on here that I need atleast 4 CHR, I only have 1, but I use Eulogy Jones' Hat & Suit for a +2 boost, then I drink some beer which gives me an another 1, giving me 4? anyway.

Any clue why it doesn't work?

Mudkipz0r provided additional details:


Nope, Had no weapons with me.

Accepted Answer

6juhziz9 answered:

This was fixed in a patch and is fixed already in GoTY edition, srry pal
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mCaHtAhOeSw answered:

Did you have your weapon drawn?
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ViscousSnake answered:

This was patched in GOTY edition. Try getting them to trust you by working for them and getting allowed in to Fort Independence first.

If you have already done that...then you are screwed.
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