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8 Ball/Lucky 8 Ball?

Is there a difference between the Lucky 8 Ball and the 8 Ball? I have the 8 Ball, but after looking on the forums a bit it seems like that might just be dead weight.

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Ah thanks, guess I've been carrying the wrong one the whole time.
Who do you talk to to get it? I've already saved Big Town.

Monsieur_Monkey provided additional details:

Indeed it is! Thanks very much.

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_Heixue_ answered:

The lucky 8 Ball adds 1 point to your Luck rating if kept in your inventory. It's given to you by one of the Big Town resident after completing the rescue mission. Check the effects on the stats section of your Pip-boy to be sure you've got the right one.

The other ones are just Rock-it Launcher ammo.
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_Heixue_ answered:

Actually, I think it's from the guy in the infirmary, whom you can save if you have a high enough medicine skill (I don't remember how high mine was at the time).

J'espere que ca t'aide un peu ;)
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