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How do I activate Trouble on the Homefront?

I've completed the main quest and broken steel, but I never did get the radio transmission, I know this is a time limited quest but since I never received the signal can I still get it? Because I'm getting really tired of standing around outside vault 101 with no results

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PS3Owner200000 answered:

after you finish WATERS OF LIFE stay near megaton its ok if u destroy it just look for the signal of amata`s distress call to return to the vault
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Ocihaca answered:

If you weren't near Megaton after the Waters of Life quest for about 2-3 days, then it goes away, regardless of whether you activated it or not.
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chocobo80 answered:

Don't listen to ocihaca im a level twenty i'm on the last mission in the main questline, and i did it. but anyway just go to vault 101. There will be an emergency signal in your radio section of the pipboy ,and just listen to the message till you get the mission.
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