Question from andyconeill

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find Fort constantine bunker key?

I got the password and bobble head but howdo i get in?

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From: bluesmokebass 6 years ago

Start the the Quest: You Got To Shoot Them in the Head. There are 3 Characters who have the keys needed. Commander and President for life Dave in the Republic of Dave. Zone 3 all the way North and East. Dukov in Dukov's Place. Zone 9 South of the Anchorage Memorial. and Ted Strayer in Rivet City.

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bluesmokebass has the right answer on this, but I thought I should let you know that you only need to do that quest if you: a) need the caps, b) want to have convenient map markers, or c) want to avoid all negative charma. If these don't apply to you just go find these three and pickpocket their "special key" (you could kill each of them for their keys, but in that case you should definitely do the above quest as you get paid for doing that ;D). P.S. the keys let you get a unique set of power armor.

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