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Asked: 4 years ago

Reverse- pick pocketing?

Okay can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I placed a power helmet into three dogs equipment to get his head wrap and glasses, and I did not get caught. So I left the building and saw a loading screen. So I went back in and he is still wearing his freakin glasses and headwrap! What am I doing wrong???

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1st of all,You dont have to put something into someones pocket to get something out,2nd of all,You cant pickpocket someone for clothes,You have to kill them for that

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To get a character's clothing/armor you either have to kill them, or shoot them with the Mesmetron and ask "to hold their things for them". Also, when pickpocketing, take off any clothes/armor that don't have sneak bonuses, because they make it harder to pickpocket undetected.

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Just because you put a helmet into Three Dog's inventory doesn't mean he will put it on, he will wear his default clothing, but like everyone said, you must kill him to get his clothes.

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Actually, it is possible to get someones clothing by reverse pickpocketing, just leave the area, wait for a bit, go in and check. if not, repeat. it might take awhile, but its possible. rare though

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put on Autosave and reload autosave and go back in

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