Question from triggerhappy81

How do i get thru the weapons room into the bunker?

Theres a secret weapons room, whose door is activated from a wrecked room above. once inside theres tons of weapons and a door leading into a bunker but i cant get through it can anyone help???


littleoni26 answered:

You have to get the 5 Keller tapes before you can get in to the National Guard Bunker. The tapes are in 5 different locations:

1. Abandoned Shack. You'll find the Victory Rifle here, I think its East of Rockbreaker's Last Gas.

2. Grisly Diner.

3. Hallowed Moors Cemetary. This is Northwest of the Meresti Trainyard.

4. Military Tent and Truck Defenses. Go East of Anchorage Memorial.

5. Wastelander Pylon - To the North of the VAPL-58 Power Station
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my96dcmimpalass answered:

littleoni26 is correct, except for one tweak to number 1...

Abandoned Shack is WEST of Rockbreaker's Last Gas. Once at Rockbreaker's, look west, and you'll see the shack high upon the cliff. Walk to the left (south) of the shack to get up to it. Be careful, I ran into some Talon mercs once, and some Super Muties a different time...
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revzinkid1 answered:

U dont need the keller tapes, i found the secret switch this is how u activate the switch-
go next to the door with the terminal/ go to 3rd person mode nd slowly turn ur analog stick round until u see the option to click the switch/if u do it correctly the switch will appear behind the terminal but u have to be in 3rd person
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