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How do I get to the GNR Building Plaza?

Ive been running around friendship heights for like an hour and i cant find a way into the plaza. the waypoint marker leads me into a wall then disappears. can somebody help me out? im probably just missing something not sure.

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dinokiller14 answered:

U have go through a metro tunnel(forgot name -.-)
U end up at a place called Chevy Chase and u will find the BoS blasting away alot of mutants.
Tag along with them and u end up at the GNR Plaza.
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jelly509 answered:

Well you just probly need to skip parts dont follow every way point if you follow all of them i got lost too
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ddrartbunni answered:

It you follow the marker on your pip boy it will lead you the right way. Even if it loos like you are gong in pointless directions.
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donalios answered:

The arrow on the pip boy and screen will lead you through certain train stations to get to chevy chase from there head directly towards where it says gnr is until u encounter the super mutants there you will find ppl to follow all the way to the front door, happy hunting
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Rookie_Lite answered:

This question gets asked too often. Follow your damn markers through the subway!
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xXBangomangoXx answered:

Gotta love the creepy train stations.
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Rookie_Lite answered:

Gotta love how everyone is so stupid they can't do this quest. The game has the damn marks on the radar for a reason.
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