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Red Pass card?

I know there isn't any real payoff aside from a bobblehead in the dunwich building, but one of the ghouls I killed dropped a red pass card. its under misc. in my inventory, but it seems important since it has its own icon when i highlight it. does anyone have any idea what I'm supposed to do with it?

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hockeysteve54 answered:

Apparently they have no purpose in the game. They are easter eggs referring to the game "Doom" where killing certain demons made them drop pass cards. Metro Tickets do have a purpose, however. When you active a protectron in a metro station, it will ask for your ticket. Give it to him by using the "use" key/button and he will remain friendly and will engage any hostiles he may encounter.
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light_daxter answered:

They really don't have any use. It's possible you can use them as Metro Tickets for the Metro Protectrons, but I'm not sure.
There's a also a Blue pass Card, by the way.
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eolsunder answered:

Yes the pass cards and metro tickets don't do anything except in certain areas they are recognized by the protectron robots in the area as being "safe". Protectrons aren't really durable anyway, i always just kill them and take their loot, they couldn't protect a bloatfly from a radroach.

Just sell or toss any pass cards or metro tickets you find.
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BlueMoney5 answered:

There are three colors, a red pass card, a blue pass card, and a yellow pass card. I think that they either open a special type of door or activate protectrons, but they are almost weightless and almost worthless so just either keep em' in your pocket or put em' in your house somewhere.
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