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Mr.Crowley vanished, please help! Where is he?

I gave him the 3 keys, not knowing about Ol' Painless or t51-b Armor being connected to them. It has been a LONG in-game time, and although most say he returns to Underworld, I am not sure he will ever be making it back, ever... Are there any other places/cities he goes to? Or are there any spots that because of enemies he dies normally? I'm willing to search for his corpse, and I'm lvl20 so I'd not be surprised. I checked Underworld, Fort Constantine, and Rivet City, Megaton, Tenpenny, and The Republic of Dave, or what I left of it... Please, any hints would be very appreciated.

BlueMoney5 provided additional details:

I'll double check, but I know important character bodies stay in-game so I'm not going to worry about him despawning, and yes the doors are stilled locked, if they weren't I'd have the armor, whether from his corpse or from the room itself.

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light_daxter answered:

Is the T-51b Power Armor there? Or are the doors still locked? Chances are he just died and the game removed his body.
He should be at Underworld though.
Although it isn't very important, the armor is useless, except for followers, and even then Fawkes is the better one.
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