Question from Sk8terM

How long does it take to fully explore and complete this game?

I don't want any type of spoiler please. I want to spend a good amount of time on this game until my next game. I'm getting the goty edition and I'm wondering how long it would take to figure everything out,level all the way up,explore everything I could,beat the game,and complete all the add ons. Ive played new Vegas so I have an idea on what to expect but on average how long would it take to do all this/how long did it take you guys?


CanadianLPs answered:

It took me around 350 hours, but that was with a lot of messing around. If you do the same expect it to take 300-350 hours. You could find them pretty fast if that was what you were aiming to do. If you tried to get them all I would give it about 100 hours give or take 50 hours depending on your skill level.
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