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Asked: 6 years ago

Where exactly is armor in deathclaw sanctuary?

Where exactly is the armor that is supposed to be in the deathclaw sanctuary? I have found Vengence but no luck with any armor, to me the deathclaw sant. is way to hard to see and/or navigate.

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From: BlueMoney5 6 years ago

If you know everything below but were told their is armor in the Deathclaw Sanctuary and think the info below is me wasting your time, let me get the question out of the way: THEIR IS NO SPECIAL ARMOR IN SAID SANCTUARY.

The Prototype Medic Power Armor, you mean? That is not in the Deathclaw Sanctuary. That is in the Deathclaw filled ghost town Old Olney. There is the Endurance Bobble-head within the Sanctuary but not armor, only the Bobble-head and Vengeance. If you don't know where Old Olney is, go to Vault 92. Then point yourself between E-SE on your compass and keep going until your there. And finding Vault 92, well, the same way you get Vault 82 for the story mode, same exact computer in the citadel.

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There is no armor in the sancturary, there is a bobblehead, the vengeance gatling gun, and jack(a unique ripper) and a skills book

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Tharmour is in Old Olney sewers.The best way to get the armour is to lok around Old Olney and avoid the trap door.Instead look for a manhole.This is the alternate way in to the sewers.Go down the manhole and walk foreward then turn right.Waste the deathclaw that should be there and go through the door to the left.The Prototype Medic Power Armour is on a dead Brotherhood of Steel initiate somewhere in that general area.The armour talks to let you know and nearby danger and administers Med-X.If you go the proper way you should only come across the one deathclaw

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