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What is the best small gun (most damage)?

I'm just curious to find out what is the best small gun and if possible where can it be found.

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BlueMoney5 answered:

1st, the Alien Blaster is NOT a small gun, it is a Energy Weapon, and 2, these are the best small guns, related places, and who carries/gives you them:

1. The Terrible Shotgun - Evergreen Mills - Smiling Jack

2. Xuanlong Rifle - Jury Street Metro/Museum of Technology - Prime

3. Blackhawk - Agatha's House/Vault 92 - Agatha (Note: DO NOT KILL AGATHA. The Blackhawk does not count as part of her inventory)
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eolsunder answered:

mm i would think the 44 scoped magnum would be the strongest..

the .32 sucks, the 10mm is weak.. the 10mm submachine gun is pretty nice, but i think the .44 is stronger. The named weapons of those types would do more damage of course.

There are stronger pistols, but those are energy weapons. The alien blaster is the strongest one handed gun, but its a energy weapon, not a gun technically.

So, the .44 gun, and the alien blaster energy pistol.
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leeberry3 answered:

The "Small Gun" that causes the most damage would be the "Terrible" Shotgun. It's found on Smiling Jack at Evergreen Mills. My favorite small gun is the Lincoln Repeater located in the Museum of not sell this bad boy as it is accurate, packs a punch and has a high critical rate...if you combine that with the Commando perk you can own any enemy especially with Sneak criticals.
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Doolz2024 answered:

A fully repaired Chinese Assault Rifle is very powerful. Also, the Scoped .44 is as well, and so is the Terrible Shotgun, Combat and Sawed-off Shotgun....
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mainman96799 answered:

Amata gives you a 10mm Pistol that is in full condition I thought that pistol was pretty cool.
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youngwallace answered:

What about the ultra smg you get from lil moon beam? I like that one at close range.
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godlike426 answered:

it depends :
1.Long range-Lincoln's Reapeter(unique hunting rifle that uses .44 magnum ammo) not a guy that likes snipe so i did not include it.
2.Medium range-Xuanlong Assault Rifle-(Unique Chinese Assault Rifle)
3.Close range-The Terrible Shotgun-(Unique Combat Shotgun)
4.Note:Not Small Guns..............FIRELANCE!!!-(Unique Alien Blaster)
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