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Blew up Megaton / killed Tenpenny No safe houses?.

I made a huge misteak, I went to tenpenny first before blowing up megaton, I talked the ghouls and residents into staying at the tower together, all of a sudden there is a massacre and everyone in tenpenny is dead and enhabitated by ghouls, the safe house says I need the key. I went back to megaton to disarm and it only allowed me to arm the bomb forcing me to blow up the town. What do I do?, where can I get the key?!!!. is burke still around, can I still move in with the ghouls?. Are there any other safe houses?. Please help!

wildbillhdmax01 asked for clarification:

WOW WOW WOW! 1min u blow up megaton ok.Did't they give u a key after u pushed the bution and some bottole caps and the key stay at tenpenny or do u hafe to do Tenpenny mission to get the key? I will help u with this if you wan't go to my question "House Please help? Read question Please?" and post a some more detailes i will help u if i can.

Zodiacerrors provided additional details:

I think I got it, I had to track down the goul leader, who wasn't in tenpenny like everything I've read said. I kept mega, and tenpenny, I found the gouls, I talked to tenpenny and everyone to accept the gouls. they then killed everyone in tenpenny which confuses me because everyone agreed to life happly and then I blew up mega because I wanted the tenpenny suite. I did not receive any keys untill I found the goul leader. who should have been on tenpennys balcony with mr I think burke (the guy who told you to blow mega) but wasn't. I figured it out, either it was a glitch or a unrecorded position for them to be in.


light_daxter answered:

Disarm it, there's an option, look again.
Otherwise, you're screwed.
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Clisque answered:

Kill all the feral ghouls in tenpenny tower, and wait a day or two then it should go back to normal.
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crab_boy321 answered:

If you are looking for a place to sleep and store equipment then check the ruins of D.C..I found a mini raider encampment[once all the raiders are dead]you can find several weapons,a few chems,a couple of storage spaces and a bed
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stavrohome32 answered:

After you blow up the bomb, the burke guy should give you a key to your room, only then can you let the ghouls in
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DanceSailor answered:

When you blow up Megaton, Burke dude gives you a key to live in Tenpenny Tower. Doing the TT mission will give you a choice to help the ghould live there or kill them. Not blowing megaton= You gain karma and the mayor lets you live there by giving you a key. You get the same stuff like Tenpenny tower. Doing that mission just makes you lose karma and makes your place looks nicer :P
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Chrisrawrr21 answered:

Its probably a glitch or somthing.
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ViscousSnake answered:

As long as Mr. Burke is alive, you can get the key from him after blowing up Megaton.
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diogomnn answered:

Just go to the protectron gaze superhero hideout, in counterburry commons
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