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How do you make guns ?

I know you can make guns but how ?

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hotwiredmunky answered:

You need a few components:: A schematic for the unique weapon, the materials for the weapon (refer to the Notes section of your PIPBoy) and a workbench. There is one for use in The Craterside Supply in Megaton. From the same shop, you can also buy a workbench for your home, provided you have a home in Megaton (and didn't nuke the town).
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_Guarder answered:

Through out Fallout 3, you will find schematics. In those schematics, you will find a list of random items you must gather in order to piece it together. Once you have all the pieces, find a work bench and viola.
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nakasun answered:

Plus the more you buy/find of the schematics the higher the condition of the item you make (up to 3 iirc).
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