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How do I solve the tenpenny ghoul quest?

I talked to everyone in tenpenny tower and answered negatively about the ghouls, can i still convince them about the ghouls?

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dsolomon818 answered:

By answering negatively you agreed to kill the ghouls. You would have to convince them ghouls are ok and not agree to the captains request... may as well head to the subway and clean them out
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KPGameGear answered:

yes they will change their minds when they're in Hell. Kill them. Tenpenny should have gave you a list of people to convince. But for the two shop owners who are on the list you can just steal from their safe and they will leave the tower. Also I think you can kill tempenny instead of everyone on the list but not sure about this one. you should save often so when you fail a speech you can try again.
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MidnightEpiscia answered:

You can kill the ghouls, which is much more relatively easier our, help the ghouls out and let them in, which takes slightly more things to do. your call.
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Hattori75 answered:

aAso note that if you help roy you get bad karma and on a side note if you kill tenpenny it oddly counts as good karma.
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Rocky87 answered:

What you should of done is saved before each person you asked so if it failed you can load, but if you did convince the 5 important people they would move in and Roy will give you a mask that makes ghouls friendly to you.
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TNTales answered:


Per the guide, you can rob the two store owners. As for the married couple, if you go to Susan Lancaster's room, just inside is a desk. On the desk is a letter. It appears to be a love letter from the husband of the married couple. Give it to the wife and she goes ape and kills her husband and Lancaster. Then she leaves the tower.

Or, you can just open the gates and let the ghouls in. Or kill everyone yourself.
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