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How do I collect a land mine for Moira?

I have arrived at the minefield but keep getting blown up. How do I get a mine safely for Mora?

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Lord_Coinage answered:

Yeah. Go into sneak mode, it makes it easier. When you see a mine, place your crosshair over it, and move slowly towards it.
As soon as you see the tool tip appear, hit X. That will disarm it. Then hit X again to pick it up.
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paper92 answered:

You move your cursor over the mine, and hit X on it, provided you have enough explosives skill to disarm it without blowing up =P
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El_Kais0n answered:

You don't have to be right next to the mines to disarm them either. It can be done from a surprisingly safe distance. Put the cursor over one and double tap x. No need to be slow about it.
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btsnyc answered:

Get close, and activate them (E on PC), like you're opening a door. The first click disarms them, the second picks it up.

The distance you must be standing from them is based on your explosives skill.
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shounbot2 answered:

keeping a keen eye out for these mines, keep your crosshair low and seek out a mine from a good distance. i get close (but not too close), line up my crosshair and run atop of the mine quickly while rapidly pressing X. the first activation will disarm, the second will pick it up. look out for the sniper!
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acatukmatuk1 answered:

If you have a really low explosives skill and find it impossible to disarm one, Moira will accept any frag mine, not just those that has been disarmed, or come from Minefield.
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nakasun answered:

Also becareful of "random" exploding cars... there's a reason why they explode too but i'll let ya find out why :)
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zhao_jon answered:

Buy her a frag mine. That is, without a doubt, the safest way.
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dulichild answered:

All you have to to do is locate "MineField" and travel there on foot if you have not already discovered the location. Once you get there, pick up as many mines as you can by double tapping X over he landmine. If you want to make extra cash and pick up a sniper with some ammo and cherry bombs, Walk towards the center , disarming as many frag mines as possible and take down Kansas who should be in a bombed out building. Take his stuff wth the note that mines are everywhere even in the bombed out buildings. Also after you have collected all the mines go into the old houses and there are books and safes in all three houses.
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Stone500 answered:

Also, if you do set off a mine, you have a second to disarm it real quick while it's beeping before it'll explode. If you're able, keep your crosshair on the mine and run in there real quick and disarm it if you're not able to get close enough without setting it off.
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Methshin answered:


Run to the supermart, grab the mine out of the room in the NE corner of the building. Wait 24 hrs, go to moira, she wont know the difference between one from minefield and one not from minefield.

you DO have to lie to her, as you never actually went to minefield, so save right before you talk to her (if A.S is off).

Did it on both my playthroughs, works like a charm.
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dyslexic-cheese answered:

Well I personally think the best way to do this is by going to minefield. Sure, there are about 25 mines scattered throughout the ruined city, but you get experience for each one you disarm. After you disarm it, you can pick it up and sell it to anyone, should you have no use for it. There is a sniper in the 2-story collapsed building though, so be wary of him as you go through and collect your presents. All you are required to do of course is just get to the playground. However if you chose to disarm them, you get experience, you get to sell the mines, and you get the bonus reward for bringing Moira back a mine.
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