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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I find the source of the fire ants?

I am on "Those" mission and the little boy wants me to put an end to the fire ants.


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From: bluesmokebass 6 years ago

When you go down into Marigold station follow the right tunnel and you will come to several rooms on your right. navigate these rooms until you exit back into the tunnels. turn left and you will see a door on the right. open it and you will confront Dr. Lesko. Agree to help him and exit via the door at the back of the lab. Its all very liner just kill the Queens five guardians but dont harm the queen.

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In the SE (i think) part of the city there's a subway station. the sorce is down there.

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If you search through Graydytch ... you will see a Metrostation...

down there is where the ants are... go far enough and you will find the doctor he will tell you what to do from there

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You can enter the Shack across from the Boy's Protection Shelter and read the Doc's computer for a map marker.

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In the southeast corner of Grayditch is Marigold Metro Station.. Their nest is down there.

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Just to add to this topic, Dr. Lesko's Lab Coat is the best 'Science Boosting Apparel' that I know of, if your evil anyway you can kill him for it after his part in the quest "Those!" is done.

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