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Ants in the School...?

I am guessing the raiders were digging for a reason. What's the best explosive(?) tactic to get at what hey were searching for? I was thinking mininuke, but I don't have a launcher and can't create the grenade yet.

OreoVII asked for clarification:


He clearly didn't understand the question and assumed you were asking what weapons you can use for attacking people, NOT how to blow up the environment (rock).

The Raiders were trying to get into Vault 101. If you search the computer in the school you can find the Raider leaders journal entry stating this.

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Kradyert answered:

Yea, i've went all the way in, there is a giant hill of Ant Egg and a little hole for other ant soldiers to attack me. Its impossible to blow thru to Vault 101. When I first thought they were trying to get thru I thought they were trying to get into like a Bank Vault or something. But After I read the note and the PC note it says they were trying to break into Vault 101, its impossible for them to break into the Vault cause of the hill of Ant Eggs the bombs wont even break thru, there is a skill book and a Chinese Assault Rifle there tho :), so if you wanna brave the caves and kill like 17 Ants <which is good for exp, if your exploring really early> Just remember shoot for their antenna if they are outnumbering you, they tend to turn on each other which gives ya a bit of lee-way and some time to heal.
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Nitemare667 answered:

Mini-nukes are not required here, any weapon can do fine so long as you have the appropiate ammo, i also like to use frag mines at times to when im low on health, and let the enemy run into them, also V.A.T.S with frag grenades can help you alot if you feel a little pyro.
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Ramza742 answered:

There is nothing there except for the books next to the corpses.
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10njections answered:

Theres no need to blow anything up just go down to the basement and you will eventually find a tunnel, thats where the ants are.
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leeberry3 answered:

I assume you're talking about Springvale..this is a great place to go after leaving the vault to load up on weapons and armor. The ants in the basement are there for destruction and you may also find some goodies by searching the basement area. You cannot blow up the environment so don't waste the time or the frag grenades.
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