Question from InvaderKimimaro

How do you do the infinite exp glitch?

As many details as possible please.

xbonedragonx asked for clarification:

How exactly do you do it, say.......... do you have to get red and the other one first.

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0800_vaughan answered:

easy as man, but it really isnt worth it if you dont have the patience... AND I MEAN EXTREME PATIENCE! - go to little lamplight and talk to the the female twin, (same clothes as the other male twin, blue cap and overall type clothing), she tells you a joke, just listen to her tell the same joke over and over again, it gives a tiny 7xp every time, so dont bother if you're really wanting a faster way. btw lvl 20 (my current lvl) is the final lvl, i think, i havent been able to gain xp since i got to this lvl, what i did, was set the game to very hard at the beginning and play through the game that way, you earn MAJOR xp. Be sure to get all the perks you really want before then... i have some really lame perks...
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durrix answered:

They only one i know is go to bigtown wait till nightime and talk to bittercup if you dont talk to her first it wont work. get the converstation going and get her to talk about dating pappy once you get her to talking about it talk to pappy and there will be a speech option click on it. sucess or fail it wont disapper click on it as many times as desired. note (i think it only works on unpatched game)
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xbonedragonx answered:

Ive tried, but, all i get is for her to hit on me, and i was a girl.(wth)
is there a purticular order.
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dulichild answered:

There is the sandman glitch but you need to be a high level to do it and you can glitch out into gray space and this doesn't work on the 360 because of the updates.
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dulichild answered:

They have the sandman glitch on youtube
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DaMaStar_99 answered:

Here's a link to gamespot's "Exploit of the moment"
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jackg666 answered:

I think you also need the unpatched version to do all of these.
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leeberry3 answered:

The most used xp glitch is the one in Big Town and like jackg666 said it only works on the unpatched version. The new patch adds trophies (about damn time) and removes this glitch. You can also wait until you have access to the Sandman perk where you gain extra xp by killing someone in their sleep. I've seen youtube vids exploiting this one and they advised to try to kill children in their sleep because the game does not let you kill them so you can keep doing it over and over for xp.
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