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Asked: 4 years ago

Followers disappear after completing Vault 112?

So I've had CHaron and Dog Meat as followers for a while now but as soon as I completed the Tranquility Lane quest and had to escort Doctor Li to the Citadel both of my followers have disappeared.

I have checked Vault 101 and the Underworld but neither are there. If I try to get Jericho the game tells me I already have two followers.

Any ideas?

Additional details - 4 years ago

crab_boy321: I have gone back to Vault 112 but nothing apart from Robobrains. I've even left the game running and come back a couple of hours later but still nothing :o/

Accepted Answer

From: TheTrueAxiom 4 years ago

Not to worry I was in Little Lamplight after brining the children back safely and both Dogmeat AND Charon are waiting there. Not entirely sure why they are there, but thanks for trying to help.

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Have you checked in Vault 112 because followers will wait there while you are doing Tranquility Lane and will stay there unless you tell them otherwise

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