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Asked: 6 years ago

Random 101 character?

So I just finished those! quest and as soon as I killed off all five of the guardians and left the queen alive then as I was heading back to the professor all of a sudden this random NPC pops up and just runs ahead of me and I try to follow him but I couldn't catch him and anytime I got close I couldn't talk to him? Is this a glitch or problem?

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Yes it might be you later in the game end up seeing your father and you go across the watseland hes in a vault 101 suit

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Well, you can't talk to him if he is running from something (the fire ants, duh) for starters, and if you did the "Trouble on the Homefront" quest and damaged the filter or whatever and force them to evacuate then you will see random 101 members (I've heard even sometimes Amata) strolling the wasteland, normally dying though... They cannot fight for ****.

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