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Asked: 5 years ago

My Bobby Pins Disapeared... Has Anyone Mapped Out Where they're Located?

I had over fifty bobby pins when I saved before quitting four nights ago. Tonight when I finally needed one again I discoverered they're not in my items any longer and that I'd saved over - at least twice - the game save where I know I had them. (Actually, after not needing any for days on end I'm now blocked from five

Additional details - 5 years ago

I wish it were as simple as another reload, but I wondered that myself and tried it mungo times... Thanks for the suggestion though!

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From: cjjonesey 5 years ago

The shack with the Victory Rifle in it has a stack of them on a table by the locker. I think it's like 14 of them if I am not mistaken

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Well, reload that save, this could be a simple glitch. Howver, if youre looking for more, feral ghouls have alot of them. Probably where 90% of mine came from.

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All I do to get bobby pins is to open up some metal cases...But if ur trying to be good feral ghouls have some

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