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Asked: 5 years ago

Guns & locations?

i need to find these 2 guns
1,Alein Blaster
and my friend mentioned a minigun that shoots lasers found in lincoln shrine Where is lincoln shrine?

Also i never got the chance to find paridise falls because i won the speech chalenge in little lamplight. also i was wondering if you can find the white house.

Additional details - 5 years ago

Also i am looking to find agatha (for the quest) and tenpenny tower

Accepted Answer

From: hypercow0205 5 years ago

alein blaster is directly north of the minefield, there is a Lincoln Shrine in the basement of Arlington House but there is no minigun just a raider with special spiked knuckles. There is a gun that shoots lasers called the Gatling Laser found on Enclave/BoS Troops later in-game. The Vengeance, unique Gatling Laser, is found in the Deathclaw sanctuary. Tenpenny Tower is almost easier to find than the Washington Monument, just keep heading SouthWest until you see a tall, tall, TALL tower in the distance.

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