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Asked: 6 years ago

Best Way To Take Out Greta?

What's the best way to take out Greta (the assistant in Carol's Bar in Underworld)? I've tried a few different ways and it always seems to piss everyone off. I'd really like to pick up Charon's Contract from Azurkhal. Can anyone help me out with this?

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From: tangoprime 6 years ago

Oh, and having a stealth boy active during the reverse pickpocketing of the explosive would help a lot, especially if your sneak isn't really high.

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Reverse pickpocketing a grenade or mine works if your sneak skill is really good and you can catch her in a position where people won't see you sneaking behind her. If you haven't tried this to anyone, it's pretty fun, when you place a grenade or mine in their inventory, it shows the item as "live grenade" or "live mine", and about 2-3 seconds after closing the inventory, you hear it beep and the character freaks out knowing they're about to die.

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She sometimes goes outside to the Museum entrance hall to have a smoke. Just kill her there and nobody will know you did it.

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at 9pm she steps out into the lobby for her smoking break...just kill her there. There shouldnt be anyone around

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