Question from babydre123

Asked: 6 years ago

How do u unlock yoda on ps3?

No matter what I do I can't get how do u do it ?

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From: Al24 6 years ago

You can buy Yoda from the Playstation Store for $5 under Soul Calibur IV add-ons

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I don't think you can. Yoda is supposed to be exclusive to 360 and Vader to PS3.

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You can't. Yoda is exclusive (I heard he sucks too, so consider yourself lucky)

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He's not available yet, although I think Namco announced they'd be releasing Yoda and Vader as downloadable content on each of the systems.

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Yoda is apparently DLC for PS3, and Vader is for Xbox 360. Yoda isn't as bad as Vader since he can move faster. I've heard that Yoda is on the PS3 game disc, so you might be paying for a code to unlock him and same to unlock Vader on 360.

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