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Asked: 6 years ago

How Do I unlock all the weapons for a certain Character?

How do I unlock the the weapons for a certain character... Like what all do i have to do for example.. do I just get there style to level 9 or do I have to do more?

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From: WingedRegent 6 years ago

To unlock the weapons, you need to buy them with the gold you acquired from playing the game. Go to Character Creation and select the character you want to buy the weapon for. Then, select an empty slot. From there, customize him/her as you want or just go straight to the Weapon Section. That's where you buy and equip your weapons.

However, not all weapons are availible to buy. In order to make a character's Ultimate Weapon and Joke Weapon availible to buy, beat Story Mode with that character. Both of them will appear on the list.

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Beat story mode with that character.

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Beat the story mode with the character. Then from the character creator, go to the weapons and bye the model or evolution of the weapon you want.

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Beat Story mode with anyone - i.e. Algol, Siegfried, Nightmare, Custom Character, Vader etc and you unlock the weapons for that character, simply buy them in the Create mode and you should unlock them.

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By default, all weapons except 2 are unlocked for each character. Most of them must be purchased from Character Creation Mode.

To unlock the Soul Edge/Soul Calibur weapon for a character, beat their Story Mode on either Normal or Hard.
To unlock the Joke weapon for a character, beat their Story Mode on Hard

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