Question from ArshGT01

Asked: 4 years ago

The Long Install?

So I skipped it in the 1st place and now i want to download it. I don't know how to do it. Anybody know what to do?

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From: Megadragon3124 4 years ago

You go to options then scroll all the way down and click on utilities and from there I THINK you're able to install the game there. Not sure, I don't remember but try :P

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What Megadragon said, it's called pre-game install

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What is this long install people are talking about? My game installed in as long as it took me to eat a burger and fries, which was 5 minutes. After that i was already playing the game. Is there some install that i missed?

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The pregame install is 8 gigs and takes your ps3 about 20-30 minutes to do. Unless your ps3 is modded in some way to have more ram or something.

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The pre-install took exactly 18 minutes on my PS3 (fat model with a new 7200rpm harddrive).
Once that's was copied the game will "unpack" some cars/tracks when you first encounter them in-game; you will see a small "installing" message in the lower right corner. Eventually when all data is unpacked it should take up some 10GB on your harddrive.

I higly doubt that the standard bluray reader could copy all those 8GB in 5 minutes so I think you missed the complete pre-install.

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