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Asked: 4 years ago

Can't change gear ratios?

Has anyone figured out how to change gear ratios. I can only change top speed. And yes, I have the fully customizable transmission.

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From: plaintomato 4 years ago

You can not change INDIVIDUAL gear ratios in GT5. Changing top speed adjusts the gear ratios as a group, but again, you can't change individual gear ratios.

Changing your gear ratios to tune your top speed is critically important in two events - the Nascar event and the Formula GT event, as these events are essentially "one make" races (yes, I know Nascar isn't technically "one-make") with cars that can't simply be upgraded to out-pace the competition.

It does not matter if you are driving in manual or automatic (I use both).

This issue, and the fact that you can't upgrade brakes, are two of the biggest design issues that have people shaking their heads and saying "what were they thinking?". Neither breaks the game, but still very strange that they neglected these options...

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Gear ratio's and Top speed are connected with each other, low top speed means high ratio's high top speed means low ratio's so play with that.

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Yeah I noticed that too, maybe In the Racing Mods in the GTauto but I'm not that far yet....

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Are either of you driving in manual transmission?

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With the latest patch (1.06 and beyond) you can now fully edit your gear rations.

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