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Best race car?

I'm saving up a lot of money but don't want to shell out a million dollars for a car and then have something better pop up. I've been looking at the honda nsx's, what does everyone think? Also any specific used car I should look out for?

joe60610 asked for clarification:

What are the end specs on the ZR1? Such as HP and weight?

Will it win "Like the Wind"

stevenbarry1234 asked for clarification:

I know yhis is completely off topic but wud anyone like to swap cars

bugatti veyron1227bhp
lambo mucelago superveloce 823bhp
enzo 902bhp
audi pikes peak concept 485bhp

all cars are fully tuned

stevenbarry1234 asked for clarification:

Psn id:c_mockler1297

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SrRd_RacinG answered:

If you buy a ZR1 Corvette (C6), you can race modify it in GT Auto. The mod is 385,000. It converts it into a very potent vehicle. After it's modified, spend a few more credits on any remaining upgrades. Give it a bit of traction control (2 or 3) and you have a great racing car for well under 1,000,000 credits.
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evilchild76 answered:

I personally own the ZR1 Race modded.. It's fast and it'll do about any race you need... except i had trouble on the All Stars race. The Minolta 88C-V '89 (S) is faster.. You can get it from "Like the Wind" In expert mode for all gold. The Mercedes-Benz Sauber Mercedes C9 Race Car 89 (S) is also nice except you cannot find that car, unless you can find it in the used cars or a friend happens to have it.
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bigsword235 answered:

My first full blown race car that I won is the 2009 Pagani Zonda R Race Car and I love it. I can get it up to 240mph at Daytona Track.
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ruad461 answered:

some of the best and fastest are the veyron, F1 mclaren, the stealth mclaren (preorder), Zonda, and my fav. 4wd gto twin turbo 95. and the Lamborghini's.
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JackLiberty0 answered:

Unfortunately the only way to win the Extreme Races is to buy an expensive car. I would recommend the Zonda Race Car, it's 2.6 million. I don't know what level you are on, but if you win the Dream Championship, you get the Ford GT Race Car which is a very great car. Don't worry, once you get fast cars, it's easy to win back a lot of money. I'm at level 27, and I can get about $1 mil in about 30 minutes.
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MK_TagTeamer answered:

If you have the credits lying around (Approx. 5.2 million), the Sauber Mercedes C9 is an all-around beast on the track.

P.S. You probably already know this, but they are popular to trade if you have adequate collateral...or it's a car from 1989 if you get what I am saying on this January 5th.
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Pvap answered:

Mclaren MP4. Or if you got 5 million the Audi R10 Race car
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xoravax answered:

The Mazda 787B '91 is a really fine car.

When compared to Sauber C9 and Toyota 88C-V (or the R89C/R92CP), the 787B uses tyres a lot less (only where tyre wear exists, in the endurance races) and it is easier to control. Its petrol consumption is also very small.
It can be easily found from the new car dealership of Mazda.

It has a nice cockpit view, being a premium model. This makes it good for photomode, if you like the car's paint scheme.

On the downside, the car is quite expensive, 5.3m, but you don't have to spend anything on engine or chassis refreshes. Turbine kit 3 and soft tyres are only you need. Don't forget to do an oil change as it gives more power even for brand new cars.

It is, having better characteristics than other Group C cars, less powerful though. Only around 880 HP fully tuned.
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Pvap answered:

If you can win the Gran Turismo All Stars event located in the expert series, the prize car is the Toyota Minolta 88 C-V Race Car. If you spend 30,000$ on turbos and engine upgrades it will reach well over 1,000 Horsepower. Its EXTREMELY lightweight, and because it is a race car it also handles like a dream. Its power to weight ratio is just epic. So if you can manage to win the races and earn the prize car that, to me, is the best car. Plus it can be used to easily win the GT series and Dream car series, an 80's japan series, ext ext. Multi use vehicle.
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GT5_and1 answered:

I like the Formula Gran Turismo. It can lap Indianapolis motor speedway at a constant 230 mph.
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Crazy_Old_gamer answered:

I just use the Toyota-Minolta.for most of the races. Upgrade it for about 50,000 Cr. (don't forget to buy all racing - tires and also sports - medium and soft tires. You'll need it)

Then Jus up the transmission to full. Drive train, mine is (top-bottom) 25, 50, 38. Suspension - height 2-2, springs 17.8-16.8, Decompression 9-8, Compression 7-5, Stabilizer 6-6, Chamber 3.0-1.0, Toe 0.0-0.0

Driving Aides: From top to bottom. Auto shifts, Racing - Soft, Racing - Soft, On, 5, On, On, On, 3

With these Specs even in B-Specs driver at level 3 can drive it smoothly.
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plaintomato answered:

The Mazda 787B has the best power to weight ratio of any premium car - both before and after upgrades (X1 and Ferrari F1 cars aside of course).

Next best is the Peugot 908 HDi FA[banned word], for slightly less $. The Audi R10 TDI is third - it has the cool open cockpit (only premium open cockpit besides the Ferrari F1 cars), but it upgrades poorly compared to the Mazda and the Peugot and the power to weight ratio is not as good.

Buying the ZR1 Corvette and race modding it is the absolute best speed to dollar value in the premium car list. You can get more power in the ZR1 by fully upgrading it without the race mod, but it will have poor control and downforce (it will go flying on a jump while the race modded ZR1 will stick to the ground).

If you are looking at standard cars, the Formula GT is easily the fastest, and unlike the premium Ferrari F1 cars, you can enter it in many of the races - particularly the grind-money-maker Dream Car Championship. The Formula GT is your best bet for a car to grind B-Spec for money to buy other cars, and it can usually be found in the Online "Hot" Dealership.
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plaintomato answered:

@JackLiberty0 -

$1M in 30 minutes? BS. How?
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jimrx7 answered:

@ PLAINTOMATO because the higher level A-Spec driver you are the higher the prize money for races.
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jonny41177 answered:

Ummmmm your A-spec level doesn't raise the amount you get from races, race levels stop at 24 ''dream car championship'' and from A-spec level 24-40 it gives same amount, noway you can get $1mil in 30 minutes because even in a formula gt that fastest corse (i know of) is the american championship on level 23 that gives $115,000 in 4 minutes so that would be around an hour of grinding the daytona corse.
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earfin answered:

The Mclaren f1 is the best if you fully tuned it but if you have a million cash to spend
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